Attestation to the Holiness of Msgr. Foy by Tony Loginow

Many years ago a very wise man I worked for said: Tony, seek wisdom not knowledge. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.

Msgr. Foy, Champion for Life – what a wonderfully appropriate title for someone filled with knowledge and wisdom, especially around the most important life issues of our times. Monsignor’s list of steps for Saving the Church is an extraordinary list of many things we need to do to turn the Church around in these difficult times.

Having set the record for most years of ordination of all English speaking diocesan priests in the history of the Church Canada and as the oldest priest in the history of his Archdiocese, he continued to write important papers to high ranking clergy in the Church to help remind them about Humane vitae and the impact of the contraceptive mentally on our society and our families – what a wonderful achievement. He has been a major inspiration to so, so many in the pro-life movement.

I have been blessed to know + Msgr. Foy through another giant in the pro-life movement, + Fr. Ted Colleton. It is incredible how the grace of God works, these two extraordinary priests knew each other throughout their life but in their twilight days the good Lord brought them together at La Salle manor.

What I always found extraordinary about Msgr. Foy was not his 100 One Hand card Shuffles… It was his incredible tolerance for pain. I have known a few people in my life who could tolerate pain but none who could go through what Msgr. Foy went through and many times in his life; most recently, years ago after being on tubes and machines for six months, he came back fighting. I cannot help but believe it has a lot to do with his role model for being a priest, St John Vianney.

A saying attributed to a famous comedian goes like this: A good speech has a good beginning, a good ending and the two have to be as close to each other as possible.

Tony Loginow

Printed with permission

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