We love you dear +Msgr. Foy

Dear Msgr. Foy,

Thank you for giving your life in the service of God and for souls.

Thank you for ever bringing people to the Truth, the Sacraments, the Eucharist and Our Blessed Mother!

Children were born, are alive and can go to Heaven because you defended the Church’s unchanging teachings promoting love, life and family. Thank you for taking a leadership role in steadfastly letting people know that God is pro-life.

Thank you for your many kindnesses, the hundreds of Christmas cards you used to send with a word of encouragement. You sent the religious ones that had the Holy Family or an image of Jesus in the crib.

You were a safe refuge and shelter for faithful Catholics…. voice of spiritual and doctrinal sanity and sanctity. You brought love, faith, hope, light, peace, and mercy to others.

You were ever willing and ready to hear Confessions.

You treated others exceptionally well and showed that you loved them. You always gave generous tips at restaurants. People were drawn to you and liked to be in your priestly presence. You built up the Body of Christ. You defended Christian marriage. You defended the priesthood and religious life. You defended the Church teachings.

Thank you for faithfully wearing your clerical garb, as a public and private witness to the holy priesthood.

Thank you for offering Mass reverently and according to the proper rubrics. People could feel safe and relieved at your Masses, because you provided a faithful liturgy. Thank you for teaching people to appreciate the beauty of the various liturgical rites of the Catholic Church. With all the changes you experienced and saw over 100 years and the almost 80 years of your priesthood, thank you for helping those undergoing challenges to frequent daily Mass and Holy Communion, to focus on Christ at Mass, the essence of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass vs. the frame, the Consecration and Communion. You fought for many years to keep the Blessed Sacrament as the central focus of your parish. You defended Communion on the tongue. Thank you for travelling all over to many parishes in the evenings after a long day at work in the chancery office, preaching at Forty Hours of exposition devotions.

A shop owner said it was like clockwork to see you go by for your daily consitutional walk. You made great lengths to be always on time for your duties and appointments. You had great self discipline, military precision. You had a gift for being right on with the truth and the duty of the moment; not procrastinating, knowing what you had and should do and how to use time well. Being with you as a Good Shepherd, was a learning experience, one of being led or shown the way to Heaven and the happiness of life in Christ.

You had the gift of spiritual direction. You were wise and had the grace of helping others to make good decisions.

Thank you for praying the Divine Office and the Rosary. Though you were legally blind in one eye and became near deaf in your nineties, you lived to over 100 years bearing a multitute of infirmites with grace. For many years, most of the time you suffered great pain of one kind or another, an agony in the garden. Withstanding the severe insomnia, hypo-thyroidism, colostomy, cancer, lung puncturing when you had tuberculosis etc etc…

You eagerly strove to keep informing your intellect in the grace and teachings of Christ and used your brains for God’s service and glory. We praise God for preserving your mind and brilliance to the end. It was remarkable. You loved learning and reading and sharing your wisdom with others. You were excited about the things of God. You loved giving priestly blessings. You were a very interesting person and priest. You ignited the search for and love of orthodoxy and virtue in others.

You were a very avid reader of good Catholic books and sources. You enjoyed comraderie with priests and laity, natural health, and keeping abreast and up to date so you could defend the faith. You had such a well-rounded and balanced personality. You knew how to be a good host and how to make others feel at home. You were approachable and friendly.

Thank you for being an example of a priest who had exceptional manners. You responded to people with care and diligence and strictly kept confidence. You kept things very well organized. You are an example of excellence.

You sponsored a group to attend the first Call to Holiness conference in the U.S.A. to hear Bishop Bruskewitz, Mother Angelica and others speak and visit the round the clock adoration and then helped found a chapter in Canada.

In these end times, please continue to intercede for the Church, for the salvation and sanctification of souls and for people to have the grace and courage to be faithful to God and open to life.

Thank you for promoting holiness and Eucharistic adoration.

We are ever grateful to have known you and met you in person!

You brought joy to others amidst the terrible sufferings you endured and offered up so humbly and bravely.

We miss your advice and being able to run to you in person to find God, but now we continue to seek your holy intercession and saintly guidance. God gave you a great mind and you used it for His service.

You are remembered. You are appreciated. You are interceding. You are loved. Thank you!

Commend us to Our Lord and Our Lady!

Help us not to fall into sin. Help us to get to Heaven.

You helped us to know what God the Father is like. You did what you did for love of souls and the glory of God.

We are so grateful you were and are our priest friend; a priest who was 100% trustworthy, a priest who brought the image and likeness of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to the world.

You were a true Christian and an outstanding priest, on fire with tremendous zeal for God, charity, evangelization, virtue, wisdom, kindness and so much more.

On your deathbed, you took great lengths to lift your hand and point to the Mass, airing on EWTN in your room, to a non-Catholic visitor and friend. You held on to the crucifix. We believe in your intercession! Thank you for all the Masses you offered!

Thank you for taking up and holding on tightly to your Cross and the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have your relics!

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