+ Shirley Foy RIP

Shirley, Msgr. Foy’s “baby sister”, was a resident of Humber Heights long-term care centre.

Since Msgr. Foy’s passing, a friend of his who used to volunteer with the nearby parish pastoral care team helping to ensure that Humber Heights residents were able to get to Humber’s weekly Mass, went into a severe health crisis. She urgently needed a room to become available, so that she herself could enter Humber Heights long-term care.

At the worst time of need, surprisingly, a room suddenly became available. When she moved in and wanted to visit Shirley, she found out that Shirley had just passed away around the time that a place became available for her.

Shirley’s birthday is on August 16 and Msgr. Foy’s birthday is on August 14. Pictured above they were celebrating Msgr. Foy’s 99th birthday and her 86th birthday together in 2014.

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